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Sights / Things to do

Top ten:

Beach Life, Whale Watching, Pilgrims Monument, Art Galleries, Dunes Tours, Bike Rentals, Sailing / Boating / Kayaking, Museums, Shopping, Nature Walks


further options in alphabetical order:

Art and galleries

Visit one of Provincetown's renowned art galleries, the art musem (PAAM) or even the Fine Arts Work Center:

>> Fine Arts Work Center

>> Provincetown Art Museum (PAAM)

>> Galleryguide



Enjoy the beauty of our beaches. walk, bike or drive...

For further information about activities and fees:

>> Beaches

>> Race Point or Herring Cove Beach

>> Shuttle Bus


Bird watching

Provincetown's Beech Forest is a Mecca for birders because it is a major resting stop for the semi-annual shore and seabird migration along the East Coast flyway.

>> Bird watching


Cape Cod Scenic Tours

Get an overall impression of our great peninsula.

>> Cape Cod Scenic Tours


Dune Tours

Enjoy a ride through the majestic dunes! Perhaps even at sunset, or for a dinner at the beach?

>> Dune Tours


Events, Festivals, Parades and Fireworks

Come and stay with us for one of Provincetown’s unique cultural events!

>> Calendar and Events

>> Parade and Fireworks


Ghost Tours

Meet pilgrims, pirates, and people from the past on a 90-minutes walking tour.

>> Ghost Tours


Go and work your body!

>> Provincetown Gym

>> Mussel Beach



Browse some nice books, or media. See the 66- foot schooner inside!

>> Library



Discover these historic landmarks

>> Racepoint Lighthouse

>> Cape Cod Light


Long Point Shuttle

Take the easy way to Long Point Beach and Lighthouse one-way or roundtrip…

>> Long Point Shuttle



Provincetown offers some unique, interesting museums to visit:

>> Provincetown Art Association & Museum (PAAM)

>> Provincetown Museum at the Monument

>> The Whydah Pirate Museum

>> Highland Museum & Cape Cod Lighthouse: Visit Cape Cod’s oldest lighthouse in Truro 


National Seashore

Enjoy the beauty of nature on Cape Cod. Beaches, bike and hiking trails, wildlife…

>> National Seashore


Night life and T-Dance

Get ready for the dance clubs and start with Tea-Dance:

>> T-Dance

>> Atlantic-(A)-House

>> Crown and Anchor

>> Porchside Bar

>> Club Purgatory

>> Pied Bar (after T-Dance)


Pilgrim Monument

116 steps and 60 ramps lead to the top of the 252-foot granite tower. You’ll be treated to spectacular views of Provincetown and the Outer Cape. Don’t forget to visit the museum before you leave.

>> Pilgrim Monument


Rainy day?

Don’t worry, there is so much more fun stuff to do than going to the beaches... check out these ideas

>> What to do on a rainy day?

Rent a bike

The easiest way to get around in P'town and go to the beaches!

>> Gale Force Bikes

>> PTown Bikes

>> Bike-trails of Cape Cod


Sailing (tour or on your own)

Book a tour or rent a boat to enjoy P'town from a different angle.

>> Harbor Tour

>> Sail Cape Cod

>> Sailing Charters

>> Flyer Boats

>> Provincetown Yacht Club

>> Learn to sail


Scenic flights

See the tip of the Cape from above or learn to fly a plane on your own.

>> Scenic flights


Showtime / theater

Discover Ptown's wide-ranging entertainment program

>> Art House Theater

>> Crown and Anchor

>> Provincetown Theater


Trolley Tours

Get a great overall impression of Provincetown through a narrated tour aboard the trolley.

>> Trolley Tours


Vineyards in Truro

Wine tastings and guided tours at Cape Cod’s only winery.

>> Visit and tour the Truro Vineyards


Water activities / fishing

Paddle a kayak, rent a boat or go fishing!

>> Water Activities

>> Water Fishing

>> Parasailing






Whale watching

Go and learn more about whales. Sightings guaranteed!

>> The Center for Coastal Studies

Whale watching tours:

>> Whale Watch

>> P'town Whale Watch